Things that Cody Does

Puny Human Games - January 2018 (current position)

IT Manager, Producer (Project Manager)

As the IT manager for Puny Human Games, Cody designs and administers the company's hybrid cloud infrastructure, supporting the company's video game development and publishing efforts. While at Puny Human, Cody consolidated a legacy of outdated systems hosted onsite and at colocation facilities to a cost optimized hybrid cloud solution. Through Puny Human, Cody worked with Striking Distance Studios' DevOps team to cost-optimize the company's impressive game development pipeline running atop Amazon AWS. Cody wears many hats at Puny Human, providing DevOps, CloudOps, and IT support to the company, as well as serving as a consultant producer for the studio's clients, leading projects in SDK development.

MAGFest, Inc - January 2021 (current position)

Volunteer Staffer, Finance Committee Member

Happy to return to MAGFest as a volunteer staffer, Cody is now part of a team operating a television station that broadcasts to the venue's in-hotel television network and to the world via Twitch. The MAGtv initiative aims to significantly increase accessibility and inclusivity for MAGFest attendees by broadcasting the wealth of awesome content already going on at the festival, allowing everyone to take a break from the intensity of the massive event without missing out on the fun. Cody continues his work on the MAGFest Finance Committee, helping to ensure the organization's financial health.

Thing that Cody Has Done

Altair Interactive - July 2020 - March, 2023

Chief Technology Officer

Having a passion for broadcasting, and a desire to move the needle for accessibility, transparency, and inclusivity, Cody joined Altair Interactive as Chief Technology Officer. Cody's served as Altair's application architect, DevOps engineer, and project manager. While Altair was not able to launch due to lack of operational runway, Cody and the team were able to complete development work on the platform's core features, and in his opinion, were able to strengthen the voices of the marginalized and underrepresented in the streaming community, with many of Altair's features and policies being adopted by flagship streaming platforms Trust and Safety programs.

MAGFest, Inc - December 2020 to January 2021

Treasurer of the Board of Directors

Cody was called to action during a trying time both fiscally and culturally for MAGFest. During this year, Cody helped guide the organization through the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting financial crisis. Cody's efforts helped MAGFest come to terms with necessary changes to the organization's structure and culture to ensure its ability to further its mission of making the world better through video games.

Cengage Learning - January 2018 to December 2020.

Manager, Platform Operations

Transitioning from individual contributor to leader, Cody's team of systems engineers, DevOps engineers and database administrators kept the lights on for a rapidly growing higher education software as a service platform. WebAssign has been helping higher math and physics departments of universities as an assessment, grading, and digital learning provider for 20 years. We did whatever was necessary to enable the product team to solve tough problems, build better systems, and respond to the needs of the students and educators that use our platform.

MAGFest, Inc - January 2015 to January 2021

Production Manager, Finance Committee Member

Cody was honored to work with an amazing team to produce 72 hours of non-stop content as a fundraiser for Child’s Play, a charity that supports children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters around the world. Throughout the year he coordinated with audio/video vendors for equipment rental, designed sets that convert between a broadcast studio and concert venue, built custom broadcast switching and graphics platforms, and worked to find creative solutions that meet budget targets. In 2018, he joined the non-profit’s “Finance Task Force”, to assist as the company asks for additional oversight and assistance as they grow and scale.

IBM Watson Health - February 2017 to December 2017

Senior Production Support Engineer

Cody helped lead a recently acquired division of IBM’s Watson Health Life Sciences pillar to build a new, highly available infrastructureto host their suite of platforms that manage clinical trials. Combining the proven virtualization technologies of VMWare vSphere with Ansible for configuration-driven infrastructure, we were on our way to building a fully GxP HIPAA validated platform with full support for Continuous Integration / Continuous Development lifecycles. Assuming the technical project management role late in his tenure, he helped guide the short to medium term course of the IT team as they architected and engineered the future platform while gradually sunseting the existing infrastructure.

Transportation Insight - January 2014 to February 2017

Systems Engineer

Cody designed, implemented and maintained the IT infrastructure for a transportation and logistics solution provider. Supported infrastructure spanned 3 datacenters, with 2 primary campuses and 6 remote offices, and 2 discrete public cloud installations (AWS). He operated in a DevOps role supporting an internal LOB and external customer facing application. He also designed and supported the platform architecture for a highly available geo-diverse web application (Stack: AWS/Ubuntu/nginx/node.js/MongoDB/Ansible). In addition, he also deployed and maintained Docker Machine environments for internal development. He designed and deployed a HPC cluster and HA VMWare vSphere environment on commodity hardware to run “Big Data” technologies such as MongoDB, Apache Spark, and neo4j.

QC Co-Lab - April 2012 to March 2015

Executive Director

After talks with colleagues, Cody and several others recognized a need in their market for a makerspace; a place to foster collaborative invention and design, deep dives into emerging hobbyist technologies such as microprocessor programming, and to provide access to tooling out of reach for the average tinkerer/maker. Cody was a founding member of the makerspace, served on the board for 3 of the 6 years he was a member, and designed and maintained the makerspace’s web presence and server infrastructure.

DCS Computer Services - January 2013 to January 2014

Senior Technician

Cody provided IT consultation for around 100 businesses in eastern Iowa and northwestern Illinois to clients ranging from small office / home office to multi-campus enterprises. He collaborated with several software vendors to troubleshoot, deploy, and maintain bespoke line of business production applications. To do this, he designed right-sized solutions for businesses according to their needs and budget. He also deployed and designed the company's first in-house documentation portal powered by Mediawiki.

Stratus Broadcast Solutions - May 2012 to January 2013

Broadcast Network Adminstrator

At this master control hub and centralized news production facility, Cody supported the IT infrastructure used to create and broadcast television content reliably and consistently to stations across North America. Some of the WAN technologies used include high class VPN point to point and MPLS circuits for hub/spoke network topologies. Cody maintained 2 high-definition and standard-definition television automation platforms consisting of about 50 video recording and playout servers, as well as a 12-node EMC Isilon SAN. He also designed and deployed a small, but mighty VMWare ESXi virtualization platform to migrate systems off of aging hardware and to support a new video transcoding platform.

Mississippi Valley Surgery Center - October 2009 to April 2012

IT Application Administrator

Cody supported over 200 users across six locations in eastern Iowa / western Illinois for an outpatient surgery center and physician-owner practices. Part of his duties included researching, deploying, and supporting IT infrastructure with a focus on healthcare practice management and operations . He assisted in the transition toward HIPAA and EHR Meaningful Use compliance. I supported and maintained a small VMWare vSphere 4 environment backed by an EMC VNXe SAN. I performed Layer 2 network management of Cisco switches with Cisco UCS VOIP, as well as performed basic management of Cisco ASA firewalls.

MegaMan For Healing - January 2011 to September 2011

Event Producer

Cody organized a charity fundraising drive that raised money for Child's Play by playing games from the popular Mega Man franchise for over 48 hours. The event raised $4,105 for the children's charity.

Staples - November 2008 to September 2009

Easy Tech Expert

When he briefly lived in northern Florida, Cody was the lead sales associate for electronics and business machines at this store. He was the direct supervisor for electronics sales associates and computer service technicians. He managed, coordinated, and performed the computer repair services offered by the store. Cody raised the bar of the store's tech support program by going above and beyond the company-mandated tools to provide the best assistance to the customer. He also assisted the sales manager in coordinating store department operations.

IT Contractor (Self Employed) - November 2007 to November 2008

Systems Administrator, Software Developer

Cody provided IT support to end users at a marketing firm and a weekly reader news magazine shop that used computers running Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu Linux, as well as assorted business productivity software. Maintained Debian Linux LAMP web servers with both static and CMS backed sites that used Joomla and Drupal. I also performed basic development work on a custom web application (Stack: LAMP).

Internet Revealed, LLC - March 2006 to October 2007

Junior Systems Administrator

For this independently owned and operated Internet service provider, Cody supported infrastructure that provided internet access, email, web hosting (apache2, IIS 6), and server colocation services for around 1000 subscribers. He maintained servers running Gentoo and LinuxFromScratch Linux distributions as well as Windows Server 2000/2003. He also maintained BIND9 DNS servers on Gentoo and Solaris.

Neo Computers, Inc - August 2004 to April 2005

Sales Associate, RMA Manager

Cody sold custom computers, components, and accessories at a local computer store. He processed RMA (Return to Manufacturer Authorizations) for defective items that were returned to the store, and provided phone troubleshooting for our warranty support.

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