Builder of Network Enabled Video Tech

Cody is developing a technology stack to produce broadcast-grade video content using commodity computing and networking hardware. This tech will be used to provide long form video production services for events such as conferences, expos, and charity gaming events.

You can read a short whitepaper about this stack here.

Engineer of Cloud Platforms

Cody also works on a private/hybrid cloud that hosts a web app which manages clinical trials. His efforts include migrating a software stack from a reactively grown, aging infrastructure to a software defined cloud architecture powered by technologies such as Ansible, VyOS, vSphere, Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

You can learn more about IBM Clinical Development here.

By Victorgrigas (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Weaver of Beats

Cody, better known in the video game music scene as Belthesar, has produced music since 2014. While he often times self releases music on his SoundCloud, he also has tracks signed to the VGM netlabel, GameChops

Projects of Note

Mega Man-athon

Cody serves as part of the leadership team at the Mega Man-athon, an annual charity fundraiser for Child's Play. Going into its 6th year, The Mega Man-athon is a 72 hour non-stop live streamed production of video gaming and live music. Cody's role is focused on audio/video production and engineering.


Game Music, Leveled Up!
Cody is signed to this label under his online psuedonym, Belthesar. In addition, Cody serves as the Chief Technical Officer, assisting with the technical needs of the netlabel.


Cody is a volunteer staff member of MAGFest, Inc. (The Music and Gaming Festival), a 501(c)(3) non-profit. He works for MAGFest's flagship event, where he plugs into the various video production and technology needs of the festival.


Cody writes all sorts of little software projects to make neat things happen, from exposing current track information of live DJ sets on video broadcasts to automating the download of his favorite Dungeons & Dragons stream to his Plex server for later viewing.

Cody's always looking to the next way he can make an impact.
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