Bringing the power of Open Source to Game Development

Cody currently works as the IT and DevOps Manager for Puny Human, an independant game development studio out in Raleigh, NC. At Puny Human, Cody has developed cost effective solutions for the studio's IT and DevOps needs. In addition, he helped the team at Striking Distance Studios to slash costs and increase stability of their cloud-augmented game development pipeline.
You can learn more about Puny Human here.

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Builder of Network Video Production Systems

Cody works with a team to build centralized video production systems. Their most recent project is the creation of an in-house television station for MAGFest, the Music and Gaming Festival. With this station, MAGFest has significantly increased the accessibility of their content to their attendees both in the venue and at home.

Mega Man-athon master control

Projects of Note


Cody is a volunteer staff member of MAGFest, Inc. (The Music and Gaming Festival), a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Cody is an 8 year volunteer staffer for the event, currently working to advance video production with the event. In the past, he's served on the non-profits board of directors, and produced charity fundraiser live streaming events at their flagship event, Super MAGFest.

Audio Production

Cody has produced music, done amateur voice over work, and run live sound in various venues since 2005. He has a passion for high quality sound and a natural knack at understanding audio workflows. You can hear some of his works over at his SoundCloud.

Cody's always looking to the next way he can make an impact.
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